2010-2015 V8 Camaro - "Blackwing - Cold-Air Induction System (upper/lower tubes/filter/washer container)

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This setup increases the flow rate of air providing up to a 15 horsepower gain.

The power-enhancing technology of SLP's BLACKWING® COLD-AIR INDUCTION SYSTEMS were pioneered many years ago on SLP's third and fourth generation F-car based Camaro's and is available for the 2010-15 V8 Camaro. 
 This new Blackwing® system was designed from the ground-up to maximize air-flow, lower intake air temperatures and produce substantial horsepower and torque gains by incorporating many design features not found in typical cold-air kits. 
All SLP Blackwing® systems are designed in 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design), enabling SLP to run CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) analysis optimizing the design. Once established in CAD, we flow bench, dyno and road test prior to releasing the final cold air system. 
Each induction system includes a high-flow OEM quality, black-finished polypropylene upper intake tube with a raised SLP Blackwing® logo, an integrated MAF housing tube, and a new lower intake tube. This connects to a new high-flow reusable SLP Blackwing® air-filter replacing the restrictive, power robbing factory assembly. This setup increases the flow rate of air providing up to a 15 horsepower gain. Includes a unique SLP washer fluid reservoir which holds just under a gallon of fluid. All necessary hardware and detailed installation instructions included.
Install Time: 2.1 Hours
NOTE: Blackwing filter cleaning kit required when cleaning/re-oiling your filter.
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