Camaro V6 2010-2013 Rear Section Exhaust - Borla

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2010-2013 Chevrolet Camaro 3.6L V6 Auto/Manual RWD 2 Door Coupe/Convertible

Chevrolet pulled all the stops to ensure the re-launch of the legendary Camaro was worth the wait to agonized fans, and the world’s most winning exhaust has responded in kind. Rather than simply work from concept vehicles and drawings, BORLA® RD engieers headed down under to the GM Holden facility in Australia to work directly with the GM Camaro team. The result of this exciting collaboration is a series of exhaust systems including Cat-Backs,™ rear sections and long-tube headers, providing the ultimate in tuned performance, sound, style and fitment.Drivers who prefer a more subdued sound will opt for this “Touring” version that combines a racing heart with a more stealth-like growl.
V6 owners get a big piece of Cat-Back™ action too, with a power-adding dual system (PN11776) that amplifies the 3.6L powerplant well into V8 territory.
On top of the power, sound and looks, drivers also enjoy significant weight savings with a BORLA® exhaust, shedding as much as 43lbs over stock — enough to make a difference at the pump and the track. Like all BORLA® exhaust products, the Camaro systems feature durable high-quality austenitic stainless steel construction, patented “power when you want it, fuel economy when you need it” technology, mirror-polished tips and a Million-Mile Warranty.

Pipe Diameter: 2.25"
Tip Size: 3.5" 
Tip Description: Single Round Rolled Angle-Cut Lined 
Exit: Single Split Rear Exit 

(except 2013 quad-tip RS aka Dual mode exhaust)

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