2010-2015 Camaro Stainless Steel Brake Lines Rear only - V6

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Fits V6 models only, rear set.

StopTech® braided stainless steel brake line sets provide quicker, firmer, more consistent pedal response. Additionally, stainless steel lines provide precision brake modulation, especially during threshold braking.

The improvement in pedal feel is more dramatic on older vehicles where the factory rubber line may have softened and swelled due to age. Each StopTech® stainless steel brake line kit consists of the replacement hoses, as well as the brackets and fasteners required to service one axle.

To ensure a trouble-free installation, StopTech® recommends that you thoroughly bleed the brake system after installing the hoses, and check the routing of the hoses to ensure that they are free from binding, kinking or interference with other components.

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