SR1 Performance Wheel Brush Kit

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Clean all wheels with speed and precision! The Speed Master Wheel Brush is the most advanced wheel detailing brush today! Built for quick, effective cleaning of all wheels, the Speed Master Wheel Brush has a state-of-the-art design that cleans any wheel surface and any wheel design – without scratching! Brake dust beware! There's nowhere to hide from the Speed Master Wheel Brush. 

The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush is a 13 inch version of the full size Speed Master Wheel Brush. This smaller, slimmer brush has all the incredible features of the larger brush but, with the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush, you can clean even narrower spaces. Detail brushes can lose their shape and their functionality over time because they're pressed into the grooves and crevices of your car. 

The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush gives you unparalleled access to clean the tight spaces of your vehicle, like narrow wheel spokes and the grill.  
 Use the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush on your vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or ATV.  
 Soft, nonabrasive 2 inch bristles 
 13 x 2.5 inches 
 Made in U.S.A. 
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