Grit Guard Detail Bucket Caddy

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This heavy-duty 4 1/4 ABS plastic bucket and dolly package is one of our new favorite detailing toolsets for making the ‘Vette life a little bit easier. 

Ever forget your bucket on the opposite side of the car and have to stop everything to grab it and move it closer? Well, this caddy package it doubles nicely as a stool, making washing your vehicle’s low spots an easy task, while also allowing easy movement of your bucket, and an insert to help keep dirt off the washing pad. Plus, I bet you don’t normally forget to move a chair, helping minimize washing downtime. 

The Grit Guard insert included helps you keep dirt where it belongs – at the bottom of the barrel, and not on your beautiful Corvette. Rarely do bells and whistles get our attention, but this grit guard caught our eye as an ideal weapon to have in your arsenal against dirt and dust. 

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