Camaro SS/1LE/ZL1 Hawk HT-14 Brake Pads

Option Selected: Rear Brake Pads (2010-2015 SS/1LE/ZL1)
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Hawk Performance HT-14 Brake Pad is designed for vehicles that achieve high top speeds and require repeated high deceleration rates during road race competition. It offers sports car/GT higher horsepower and open wheel applications. Hawk Performance HT-14 Brake Pad is more aggressive than HT-10. It provides very high average torque output, slightly rising over its temperature range and a MOT of 1600F. Even with its high torque output, it retains good modulation and release characteristics and moderate rotor wear. Recommended for the front of front engine race cars in conjunction with HT-10 in the rear. Very high torque with aggressive initial bite!

HT-14 Compound
High Temp
High Torque
Designed For High Deceleration Rates  

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