2016 Camaro ACS-T6 Splitter (Camaro SS Only)

Option Selected: Primer No Endcaps
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The ACS T6 SS Splitter,  Driven by you the Camaro enthusiast our design engineers were up to this challenge. The composite splitter is durable and functional while being very driver friendly.
Form and function walk hand-in-hand with the new T6 Splitter. At speed the splitter works to move air gracefully around the while creating downforce. As an added bonus the Splitter gives your Camaro an added touch of character.
A raised central area is evident, and present for two reasons. It will help driving over steep driveways, and most importantly improve the airflow of the horizontally mounted transmission cooler. For those that love to adorn the car themselves. You will be pleased to know that installation is less than 15 minutes; installation is simple and utilizes all the stock mounting bolts. Fits all 2016 Camaro SS front fascias. 
ACS engineers understand that you own an American Icon. The Chevrolet Camaro is without a doubt one of most preeminent cars in the American Muscle Car Lineup! We took legend and gave it just a little more punch, but we don’ t have to tell you what the car is, you drive this legend every day!
Winglets have over the last few decades been used by both commercial and corporate jets. Jet designers have long known that airflow off the end of a wing caused drag. With the implementation of the winglet airflow is dramatically improved. Same principal applies to the latest Camaro Winglets / Deflectors line.

Optional Endcaps; Winglets / Deflectors:

Splitter can be selected with no endcaps for a  clean elegant options if deflectors are not your thing.

Our S2, are the smallest and conservative option. For aero-performance and a bold look, the S3 is the choice to consider. Deflectors are interchangeable via two bolt to the splitter, and an added 3 in the wheel-liner for the S3. 

Application Guide

Camaro SS 2016-17 Coupe, Convertible.

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