2016+ Camaro Side Rockers (SS, LT, and LS)

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Side Rockers For The 2016 Camaro - A Perfect Design Beyond Improvement!
Improve the lateral airflow of  your Camaro while protecting the side bodywork from rock chipping. These brand new side rockers offer a complete compatibility with our Gen6 Splitter the splitters. Rockers are manufactured in ACS's proprietary OEM validated  RTM Composite Process. It means the process has been tested and proven to withstand stringent durability standard set by your car's manufacturer, the result; a  superior made product designed and tested to last.  The ACS Rockers are installed over your current rocker panel, they will fit the Camaro SS V8, V6 and I4, coupe and convertible models without the GM aero package. The installation process is simple,  takes just 30 minutes per side to install. There is no use of filthy adherent or two-way tape, or removal of any components from your Camaro. 

 What Is The Importance Of Side Rockers? Airflow management and rock chip protections. The Brand New Side Rockers directly fit on the OEM rocker panels. This rocker panel plays a vital role to ensure the side bodywork is not eroded from the sticky front performance tires. You will quickly realize their sticky nature is great for its enhanced handling but will compromise the paint finish of your car.  

 The Brand New Side Rockers For The 2016 Camaro features  
  • Strengthens aerodynamics
  • Gives an aerodynamic shape to the car, which reduces the tremendous air resistance during high speed driving.  
  • Most likely the most surprising feature; Maintains vehicle's ride height. 
  • Enhanced rock chip protection by covering the side bodywork from rocks and pebbles projected from the spinning front tires. 
  • Increased under-carriage surface; the non visible portion of the car is double to fully covered the body coloured rocker of your car.
  • Underside of rocker coated with a bed liner type material for a clean and durable undercarriage for years to come. 

 The kit is included with following items:
  •  Rocker Panel –Passenger side
  • Rocker Panel - Driver side
  • 18 Aluminium Black Split Rivets 
  • Set of Instructions

Available Finishes
  • Black Primer with undercoating paint on inner surface
  • Carbon Flash Metallic Black undercoating paint on inner surface

 Application Guide

  • Camaro Coupe V8, V6, & I4
  • Camaro Convertible V8, V6, & I4
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