2012-15 V8 Camaro Vararam Ram Air Unit

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The new 2012-15 Camaro system from VR represents a major leap forward in terms of real world performance delivered with the quality that Camaro owners and tuners alike have come to expect. “Quite simply, this is the Most Powerful ram air system we have ever produced for a Road Car.”

This is the most powerful induction system of any kind for the new 2010 Camaro. Our competition will talk, but they will not outflow it or outrun it. They will never outperform it!

Every aspect of induction technology has been used in this system.

The days of a "cone with a pipe" are dead,
because there is no air colder than Ram Air! ™

See below for more details.

• Adjustable mass airflow meter housing -allowing you to richen the mixture
   manually if needed for fine tuning!
• Helmholtz Resonance System designed into the unit- this is used to reflect the sound
   signature back into the intake manifold to boost mid-range TORQUE and
   HORSEPOWER by 1.5 - 1.6%.
   (this is a form of Ram Air tuning)
• Flow capacity from 1400CFM – 2000CFM+
• One piece seamless MAF / filter housings-for smooth laminar airflow
• Guaranteed gains of 3tenths or 3mph through the ¼ mile with the NO TUNE unit,
   and 4-5 tenths and 4-5mph with the TUNE models!
• Engineered to produce a broad power curve, not just peak horsepower. We gave up
   top end power to produce maximum torque & power under the curve from the air
   horn design & resonance tuning.
   (See dyno charts)
• True ram affect -reducing intake temperatures inside the intake manifold up to
   20 deg "BELOW" ambient temperatures at WOT and -5 deg at cruising speeds!
   Data log verified with EFI Live for a 4 - 5% boost in power over static dyno
   hp numbers. (See below)
• Quick and easy installation, no cutting or drilling on the car install time is
   about 10min!
• NO WATER Issues! – The high mount location ensures safe
   operation in all weather conditions.
• Construction - Rotary molded and vacuum formed hybrid construction allowing
   for production to precision machine tolerances.
• The Venturi System creates thrust while reducing unwanted turbulence keeping
   the MAF readings clean even at speeds of 150mph!
• The air horn is a product of months of work in on-road testing to create the best
   horn for quick windup from 600RPM to 5800RPM ("Tune Models" use a higher
   RPM biased horn for more peak flow) Its converging and diverging shapes
   and sharp angles are the work of the latest in CFD - the end result is an air
   induction system that will accelerate airflow to the far side of 100% of road
   speed at the throttle body bell mouth (The exact number is our secret).
   We have detuned this system three times to tame it for the street.
• The filter - Custom made to VR specs featuring low pressure drop with specific
   flow rates and filtration that meets OEM requirements. Washable and reusable
    – with a Green filter cleaning kit!
• Materials –VR High Density material (Reducing unwanted heat soak by 8 - 12%
   over conventional plastics and up to 100%+ compared to metal.) Military spec
   ABS featuring a flat black sand blast finish for that muscle car look. Billet
   aluminum rear hose clamp ring molded into the ABS for extreme strength.
• A Multiple Patent Pending design!
• Guaranteed Power & Performance gains!






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