Camaro Window Valet : 2010+

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Camaro 2010+ Window Valet

The Window Valet™ provides power window control using your remote.
Just plug into the diagnostics port. No wires, no cutting, no tools.
Once installed, the Window Valet™ for Camaro is ready to run. There's no configuration required and as always, Window Valet's do NOT reprogram the car's computers.

The Window Valet™ for Camaro plugs into the diagnostics port, near the edge of the dash trim. There's no configuration required. Just plug it in! The Window Valet™ for Camaro does not reprogram any of the car's computers. So to reverse the install, just unplug the unit, and the car will immediately revert back to stock.

To lower the windows via remote, press the remote unlock button three times. To raise the windows, press the remote lock button three times. (Or to prevent the car from blowing its horn multiple times, unlock-unlock-lock may be used.) For the features to activate, the buttons must be pressed in rapid succession, with less than one second between two sequential clicks.

Special Window Venting Feature: 
The window venting feature allows you to use the remote to leave the windows down about half-an-inch for airflow on hot days. To use this feature, simply issue the remote window up command, wait until the windows have been fully raised, wait a couple of more seconds, and then press the remote lock button one more time. The windows will lower just a fraction of an inch.

The Camaro may toot its horn on the second and third remote lock commands even if its horn configuration is set to silent when locking. This is a feature of the Camaro, not the Window Valet™, and is designed to act as a lock confirmation. To prevent the horn from blowing when remotely raising the windows, you may use the alternate window up command sequence: Unlock, Unlock, Lock. 

** Moving power windows can be dangerous if someone or something were to become pinched or trapped. By installing this product, you agree to the Terms of Use, Warranty, and Liability Waiver. Never use the remote power window feature unless both windows are completely clear of obstructions.
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