2010-2015 Camaro Stretch Satin Car Cover With Antenna Pocket

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Stretch Satin Camaro Car Cover with Bowtie logo on front.

Think your Camaro's got all the right curves? West Coast Camaro thinks so too, that's why our Satin Stretch material is made from the same material as fine lingerie. Stretch Satin's outer most layer is a pliant, stretchy lycra fabric that hugs every curve of your Camaro and has excellent breathability in turn preventing moisture build-up that could otherwise damage your legend's finish.
With the fewest seams Design, it makes for an even nicer fit since we limit our stitch pattern to three seams; furthermore, we use the blind that conceals all the thread to optimize your Camaro's curves. Our Satin Stretch is only for indoor use and is designed to safeguard against all indoor hazards; therefore, it excels in protecting your Camaro against mildew and dust. The fabric then caresses and memorizes every shape of your Camaro. Just think of it as us a agreeing with you... yes she is memorable and we promise Satin Stretch won't rub your finish the wrong way.

Rating : 3 Water Resistance is a relative grade of how much water will penetrate the fabric. A "5" signifies the most water resistant material. WATERPROOF materials will not breathe, trapping moisture. All Corvette-Covers materials are water resistant, not waterproof.

Rating : 5
Breathability describes how much moisture vapor trapped under the vehicle can escape through the cover. If a material is not breathable, it will trap moisture and cause rust. A "5" signifies the most breathable material.

Rating : 4 Compactness measures how easily the material is to pack, and how small the final packed cover is. A score of "5" identifies the most compact cover. This is an important attribute if you will use your cover often.

Rating : 1 UV Protection The Sun's UV Rays damage a vehicle's interior, finish, and also the car cover material. Materials with a "5" rating are most likely not to degrade under extreme sun conditions.

Rating : 4 Natural and Man-Made Hazards, such as bird droppings, tree droppings and industrial fall out are very acidic, and can eat through a car's finish. A score of "5" identifies the material most resistant to these dangerous chemicals.

Rating : 5
Softness All Corvette-Covers materials are designed not to scratch a vehicle's finish (assuming the vehicle is clean when the cover is installed. However, some materials are softer than others. A "5" rating is the softest.
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