Camaro G5 Cold Air Intake System (V8) LGMotorsports

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LG Motorsports is proud to release their own cold air induction for the new Gen 5 V8 Camaro.  Our cold air system is complete from the throttle body to the air cleaner using the same design that we use on our own race cars.

One major item that sets our system apart from other intakes currently on the market is the high flow velocity stack. This is  designed to smooth and speed up the air flow going into the engine to provide as much of a natural ram air as possible with little turbulence.  This alone has show benefits of over 6-8 hp without the stack in place.

We use a large 4" high flow tube designed to retain the OEM breather line and MAF sensor.  The system is closed off with a heat shield and seals to the frame and hood to keep hot engine air from the filter area. 

The system is finished off with  a high flow washable filter element.  Dyno tests have shown 14-18 rwhp increase from this intake alone.

The kit contains:
-High flow 4" inlet tube with velocity stack
-High flow, smooth bore inlet elbow
-Heat shield with seals
-Washable high flow air cleaner
-Clamps for air breather line

NOTE: Does not work on V6 Camaro.
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