Camaro Halo Fog Light Kit : Single/Dual Color

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2010-2013 Camaro Halo Fog Light Kit

Add matching halos to your Camaro Fog Lights or Stand Out from the crowd with colored Fog Light Halos from ORACLE!
Installation does involve some cutting but is relatively quick and can be accomplished in under 2 hours.

Kit includes 2 High-Powered SMD Halo Rings in your choice of colors!

This kit utilizes Cold Cathode technology which, unlike the other LED and Fiber Optic Kits, can be seen vividly... even in Direct Sunlight!
The fitment for the 2010 Camaro is up to OEM standards and the quality is certainly fit for the Camaro. These rings are rated at 50,000 hours of continuous use, that's more than twice the lifespan of the competition... these halos should outlive your car! Do not mistake this product for some "Do it yourself" LED knock off Demon Eye Kit, this is a High Quality Product produced by the new leaders of the industry!
What kind of "look" can I expect? These Demon Eyes use CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lighting) core technology. CCFL produces a very bright light from the gas charged tubes. The look is very "high tech" and matches HID equipped lights exceedingly well. Additionally, this technology provides for very bright output from the halo rings so they're visible day or night.

Available in Red, Blue and Amber.

Legality Disclaimer: Only the Amber and White color lights are known to be 50 state legal. It is recommended that the customer check with the local authorities in their area to determine legality of the Red, Blue and Green lights. Each state may have different laws regarding light color.

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